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Nice article on hair dyes. What works. What doesn’t work. Explanation on what hair bleach/peroxide is very informative.

Any one here ever bleach their hair? What were the side effects and how did you take care of your hair post bleaching?

5 Things Every Natural Should Know Before Choosing a Hair Color
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So we’ve been talking to a lot of girls on our twitter account about dying their hair. A lot of girls have said that they do DIY hair dying which they have said hasn’t led to much damage with Inecto and Dark and Lovely being popular choices. Most girls have said that deep conditioning treatments post dying their hair has been crucial in retaining moisture. A lot of the ingredients in hair dyes are chemicals, which wipe out your hair’s natural oils when you dye your hair. We’ve previously pointed out some ingredients in hair products that you should avoid, and hair dyes contain these. Hair care post dying your hair is quite important. Should you relax and dye at the same time? No, we don’t support this…AT ALL. It would just be an all round bad day for your hair. Rather do this on different days to allow your hair to gain moisture in between the two treatments. Dying your hair isn’t bad. Its just that you need to treat your hair appropriately post dying it. For hair care tips, please… Read more

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