About Beauty on TApp

So you’re thinking - how did this all start? Well, that’s what an “About Us” page is all about….duh. Here’s our story.

Beauty on TApp is a 100% woman owned beauty online store that specializes in retailing the best in skincare, haircare and selfcare products.  In 2015 we launched a mobile application that helped users search for beauty services in an area of their choice. Services listed on the application included make up artists, braiders, skin therapists, etc. We also had a beauty brand directory which helped users search for niche beauty brands.  It was quite difficult to monetize this business model so we had to pivot our business to ensure that we could pay our bills. This led to us launching a cosmetics e-tailing platform that initially sold the same brands we had listed on the App directory.

About Beauty on TApp

We launched our e-commerce website

Shop Beauty on TApp – with just five natural haircare brands listed but our strategy was to scout more brands and get them listed on our website. This was a really good move that worked out pretty well. Keep reading – you’ll see why…

As months went by our online skincare, haircare, and self care offering continued to increase and our community continued to grow. We worked hard to build trust with our customers by delivering as fast as possible, having open communication lines, and having trusted payment gates on our checkout page. Despite this growth, we realized that our initial website was not up to scratch so we had to take another risk and build a new one. 

In 2018 we launched a new and improved website that looked and worked better. This attracted more customers and brands to our website and our business had another small growth spurt. We started onboarding more haircare brands with a sprinkling of skincare brands and up until 2020, we had onboarded an additional 25 brands, bringing our tally up to about 30 brands.

Today our ethos and core focus remains empowering local niche

2020 came and a pandemic hit us. With most people being home, shopper behaviour changed and most people started relying on e-commerce to shop cosmetics. With skincare trending we had to pivot and become an online skincare destination for both brands and our community. We scouted the best skincare brands and others approached us. Over two years we went from 30 brands on our website to about 60 brands – with the majority being skincare brands.  To make shopping skincare online easier for our community, we tailored our website to allow users to shop skincare by product, ingredient or concern and even went a step further by adding a skin consultation service.

Today our ethos and core focus remains empowering local niche and multinational beauty brands by giving them access to customers who want to shop their cosmetics on an easy to use platform to showcase their world-class products.We continue to target an order turnaround period of 3 business days (from receiving orders through to delivery) because we believe no one should have to wait for Beauty. 

Our vision is to become Africa’s leading cosmetics e-tailer by 2025 and we believe that we are on our way to making that happen. We will never lose our passion for the love of all things Beauty and we will keep bringing our community the best in Beauty.

About Beauty on TApp