About Beauty on TApp

Beauty on TApp is a 100% black female owned beauty distribution business. The business was established in 2015, where we initially launched a mobile application, Beauty on TApp which helps users connect with beauty salons and beauty product distributors in an area of their choice. Our application helps users find beauty services under a number of listed categories.  A year later we launched an online store, Shop Beauty on TApp, which primarily focused on the distribution of locally made beauty products. Our objective, as a business, is to empower small beauty businesses and make them visible to our App and store customers.

Our core focus is the distribution of natural hair and skin products. The majority of products are soured from Africa. We live by the mantra that part of one’s beauty routine means going back to basics i.e. caring for one’s hair and skin with quality natural products. We ensure that all products listed on our store are free of sulphates, parabens and other harmful ingredients. All product ingredients are scrutinized by the team, and are listed next to each product for customers to also fully scrutinize.

We hope that our store will bring Africa’s beauty industry and her potential into focus.  The online store is accessible from the Beauty on TApp app and can be downloaded on the Apple App Store, Android Play Store and Windows App Store.