Got specific skin concerns? It’s time to embrace active ingredients!

active ingredients

Spring is in the air and, even better, summer is *just* around the corner! With the sunny season well and truly here, we’ll be spending more time socialising and showing off some skin. So, if you still want to tackle any persistent skin concerns, such as dullness blemishes, scarring and texture, here are the active ingredients to add to your skincare and bodycare routines for a glowing complexion.



Want to make sure you’ve got your face and body blemishes under control for the warm season? The most popular, and dermatologist-recommended, ingredient to treat acne is salicylic acid. It is a beta-hydroxy acid (or BHA) and can penetrate your pores to remove buildup and exfoliate. It can also make your skin smoother as it treats texture issues, too.

Because of its exfoliating capabilities, salicylic acid can also help to reduce the appearance of acne scars and marks on your body. And no, you don’t need to apply a whole jar of facial serum to reap the benefits! Just make the switch to a body cleanser that contains this versatile ingredient.

What’s more, when you combine salicylic acid with all-rounder and skincare hero, niacinamide, they work together to further reduce scars, prevent breakouts and smooth the skin.


Is your skin as dull as a dreary winter’s day? New season, new skin, babes! And the best ingredient to use to brighten your complexion is, without a doubt, vitamin C. A powerful antioxidant that has benefits for our health both inside and out, it prevents free-radical damage and fades hyperpigmentation and reduces the appearance of blemishes for optimal skin clarity.

Many of you may have been using it on your face for a while but, ICYMI, it works just as well at treating concerns on the rest of your body. Not just for your face, can be used on the body to reduce marks and scars for a more even tone.

If you want to give your complexion a spring clean, add these powerhouse ingredients to your arsenal for your skin’s best season yet!

Helen Wallace

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