How to transition your skincare between seasons for a year-round glow


In South Africa, we are #blessed with gorgeous, sunny, balmy summers. But, like all good things, it must come to an end. We are now in between seasons and moving swiftly towards autumn. Soon, we’ll be doing less of this…


… and more of this!


When the seasons change, the needs of our skin change, too. Here’s how to tweak your skincare routine for cooler weather so that you are *glowing* all year round.

Gentle cleanser

When the temperatures are high, our skin produces more sebum and we sweat more. Gel and foam cleansers are good at removing this for a squeaky-clean complexion. When the temperatures drop, however, we want to retain as much moisture as possible to combat dryness. As such, switch to a cream or oil cleanser as they won’t strip the skin of necessary oils.

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Hydrating toner

Toners are used after cleansing to remove any leftover residue and also to restore your skin’s pH balance. When the seasons start to change, you need to add more hydrating ingredients to your routine, so grab a toner that is loaded with them to give your complexion a boost. If toner isn’t your vibe, you can also opt for an essence or a liquid lotion instead.

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Moisturising serum

Serums are some of the most important products in our skincare lineup as they deliver concentrated doses of active ingredients to your skin. In cold weather, it’s a good idea to use one – or a nourishing facial oil – that adds moisture, prevents dryness and maintains your skin’s protective barrier. Choose products that contain moisturising ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

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Rich moisturiser

We can get away with wearing a lightweight moisturiser in summer. For people who struggle with acne, this is even preferable. When the weather gets colder the air gets drier, so we need a moisturiser with a thick consistency or a nourishing balm. For even more hydration and a gorgeous glow when waking, you can also add a sleeping mask as the last step in your evening routine.

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Mandatory SPF

The seasons might be changing, but our skin’s need for sunscreen is not. That’s right – this is one skincare product that we should ALL be applying (and reapplying) every day to keep our complexions safe from damaging UV rays (which are still present even on cloudy, miserable days). This will help to prevent hyperpigmentation as well as premature signs of ageing.

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Helen Wallace

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