Is double cleansing part of your skincare routine? Here’s why it should be

double cleansing

For generations, washing our faces twice a day has been the norm. This was until the Korean Beauty movement became mainstream, bringing with it innovative new products, a 10-step routine and a different method for washing your face called double cleansing. Now, there are thousands of people across the globe that are forever devoted to washing their faces not once but twice in order to maintain a glowing complexion.


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Since we know that overwashing your skin can lead to a compromised skin barrier, dryness and irritation, surely cleansing twice in one routine is too much? Not if you do it properly and use the correct products. Here’s how the double cleansing method works.

Step 1: Oil or balm cleanser

The first step in this method is to remove all your makeup, sunscreen and pollution that’s accumulated on your face throughout the day. This should be done using an oil or balm cleanser. Yes, the texture of these formulas can take some getting used to but they are the best for the job as the oil dissolves everything clinging to your skin so it can be washed away without stripping your skin and leaving it feeling tight.

Step 2: Gel or foam cleanser

Oil and balm cleanser formulations are great at removing product and buildup from your skin. It can, however, leave an oily residue behind. For this reason, the second step in a double-cleansing routine should be to use a gel or foam cleanser. This will ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed and prevent clogged pores. Look for one with a gentle formula so it doesn’t strip your skin of the natural oils it needs to stay supple and healthy.

Are you a fan of double cleansing or want to give this trending method a try? Add an oil or balm and gel or foam cleansers to your skincare routine to get glowing RN!

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