Prepping your skin before applying makeup is important. Here’s why


Performing your skincare routine twice a day is crucial in maintaining a glowing complexion. And, before you reach for your cosmetics, you need to prepare your face. By prepping your skin properly *before* you apply your makeup, you’ll have a clean and smooth canvas to work on.


First things first

We should all be washing our faces in the morning. This is our opportunity to rinse off our nighttime products and apply the ones we need for daytime protection. This should start with a thorough wash, after which you can apply a pH-balancing toner. You can then move on to serum or, if you are using makeup with a cream formula, a nourishing facial oil. If you’d like to, you can also exfoliate using a gentle scrub (but this shouldn’t be done more than a couple of times a week).

Remember to apply sunscreen as the last step in your routine. Even if your foundation contains SPF, it’s not enough to provide adequate protection from harmful UV rays.

Don’t forget your lips! A lot of the lip products we wear *ahem long-wear lipsticks* can be very drying to this delicate skin. Before you apply your signature shade, use a lip scrub to exfoliate away any flakey skin and then apply a swipe of balm. This will keep them nourished for a hot and hydrated pout. 

Aftercare counts, too!

How you take care of your skin after wearing beauty products is just as important as your prep before applying it. 

Firstly, it’s crucial that you *always* remove all cosmetics before you go to bed. If not, you can experience breakouts and it can even accelerate signs of skin ageing. Double-cleansing is an effective way to ensure all product is removed and requires that you use an oil cleanser followed by a gel or foam one. You can also use micellar water or remover to melt away your face beat. After taking your lip colour off, apply a rich lip balm or lip mask to replenish any lost moisture.

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Helen Wallace

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