Ostibel Helichrysum Essential Oil 10ml


Helichrysum Oil is an anti-aging powerhouse in the family of essential oils. The benefits of incorporating it into your daily skincare routine are endless. It has been found efficient in reducing skin inflammation, fine lines, and wrinkles. The oil is safe to use as-is (do a patch test first) or combine with a carrier oil like  Jojoba or sweet almond as a facial oil.

Topical: add one drop to your daily moisturiser or one drop to 5-8 drops of your carrier oil. It can be applied neat at the first sign of acne breakout and acne blemishes.

Inhalation: it can be used in a diffuser or add a drop and steam to relieve respiratory congestion and sinuses. Always note that a little goes a long way with this oil. Lift your spirits with this everlasting oil.

Massage: Use with a carrier oil in a massage blend or bath to relief aching joints and muscles.

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Ingredients: Pure Helichrysum oil


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