Lanolab Multi Use Natural Balm 25g


Lanolab is a skin repair cream that has a variety of uses. It can be used to soothe and moisturize lips, soften cuticles and aid in soothing minor burns, scratches and nappy rash.

Recommended Uses:

Baby: Lanolab is perfect as a nipple cream or nappy rash balm to soothe the inflamed area.
Cosmeceutical: The balm is perfect for nourishing chapped lips ; dry nails and cuticles from the harsh sanitisers; shaping
your eye brows; natural cheek highlighter.
Pharmaceutical/First-aid: You can use Lanolab for assisting with the healing of minor burns , cuts and grazes, skin irritations, mosquito bites and post run or cycle chafe.

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Ingredients: Lanolin, Papaya extract.


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