Swiitch Beauty LiquidLuck – pitch black liner pen with a brush tip


A liquid eye liner with the blackest-black formula, and the finest applicator tip.

LiquidLuck’s applicator tip is made up of tiny brush fibres, inspired by Japanese calligraphy brushes. Brush fibres mean that it is super fine, it also means that the tip itself is flexible, so you’re able to get your liner as skinny as possible, but apply a little more pressure and you’re easily able to go thicker.

LiquidLuck has an incredibly black, matte, smudge-proof, waterproof formula that doesn’t budge.

There is a shaker-ball in the cartridge – give your #LiquidLuck a shake before each application to keep things flowing freely.

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Styrene, acrylates, copolymer, C177266, ammonium styrene, propyleneglycol,
sodium laureth sulfate, phenoxyethenol, ethylhexyglycerin.


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