Standard. Pink Clay Mask with brush 120g


Detoxify-Tighten- Refine with soothing Chamomile extract & ant-inflammatory which hazel


Detoxifies & calms your skin
Balances oiliness
Heals acne & breakouts
Tightens & minimizes your pores

AM or PM

Wash your face, then 2-4 x per week, apply a thin layer of the mask with the brush. Let sit for 10-15 mins (or until dry) and rinse off with water. If you are using the combo together with the jelly hydrating mask, we recommend to first to the pink clay mask, followed by the hydrating mask to get that glow on.

After washing your face, continue with your regular routine: apply moisturizer & oil based serum.

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Pink clay (kaolin), water, which hazel, glycerine, pineapple extract, chamomile extract, polysorbate 80, Coconut Oil, peppermint essential oil


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