Teaology Black Tea Vitamin C Infusion Serum 15ml


Vitamin C is the molecule of youth because it protects the skin from oxidative damage, from photo-aging and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. This mild and impalpable serum contains the optimal dosage of vitamin C. The formula is enhanced by the infusion of organic Black Tea, tested against pollution and naturally rich in antioxidant catechins effective in combating cellular aging. From the first applications the result is visible: the skin is compact, smooth and the face shines with light.

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Ingredients & Properties

Organic Black Tea Infusion– Black Tea is a fermented tea rich in caffeine, theobromine and theaflavins that have a stimulating, Antioxidant and Anti-aging, Hydration, Energizing.
Vitamin C – contributes scientifically to counteract cellular aging and has a specific action on the brightness of the skin. Makes the skin more compact, bright and resistant.