Our Top Spring Skincare Tips

It’s officially springtime! The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and we don’t know about you, but we love the opportunities that the start of a new season brings along with it. Starting with a brand-new skincare routine. 

So, do away with the dense winter serums and heavy oils as we help you switch out your current ritual for a new spring-themed skincare regimen … ready?

How your skin changes in spring

Before we delve into your new spring skincare essentials, we think it’s important that we address what happens to our skin during a major seasonal change. For starters, it’s important to remember that during spring the earth is significantly closer to the sun. This means that your skin is exposed to more intense UV rays that cause severe skin damage and ageing.

In spring, your skin is also more likely to produce natural oils (sebum) thanks to all this new-found heat, which is great news for those of you that suffered from dehydration during the colder winter months. Your skin is also able to retain more water (believe it or not) as less water is lost to the atmosphere like it was during winter.

So, while our approach to skincare will be a little less aggressive this season, we’ve got some fabulous serums, oils and moisturisers that still bring a necessary level of intensity to your skincare routine, whilst still protecting, healing and nurturing your skin. 

We will also give you a little sneak peek into our beauty bags and the spring skincare products that we’re currently obsessing over! 

Let’s talk spring skincare essentials 

Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen

Now, you should all already be wearing sunscreen DAILY but be a little more consistent this time of the year. The health of your skin directly correlates with how consistent you are with sunscreen. You could have the best skincare routine in the game, but it won’t mean anything if sunscreen isn’t a part of it. 

In fact, see sunscreen as essential. Especially during these harsh spring days as some of your favourite serums contain certain acids that increase sun sensitivity without you even knowing! This might cause serious sun damage, so when we say SPF up – We mean it. 

This isn’t a suggestion, ladies and gents! It’s an absolute MUST.

In fact, up the SPF that you are currently using to SPF30-50 and don’t forget to reapply.

Daytime Moisturisers

Remember all of the moisture that winter so viciously took from your skin? Well, that isn’t happening again so you can do away with the creamier moisturisers that you used as a necessary barrier. Switch them out for a lighter, slightly more gel-like moisturiser that will give your skin the necessary amount of Instagram-worthy dewiness!

Oh, but you didn’t think we’d talk about moisturisers without letting you in on our favourite one, did you? Here’s our favourite Springtime SPF moisturiser:


Spring Cleansers

You can easily avoid puffy, red, allergy-ridden skin with the help of a great cleanser. Using a gentle cleanser on a daily basis will help wash away all of the unnecessary oils, dirt and – yes you guessed it – harsh allergens that wreak havoc on your skin.

Now try to use a natural cleanser that doesn’t come with toxic chemicals that will irritate the skin and cause additional damage. The natural ingredients in holistic cleansers will ensure that you are not adding anything that will further irritate your skin, but rather naturally nourishing and healing it.

Keen on knowing what we’re using? Well, here it is:

Daily Mists 

Get your (natural) glow on!

If we are being honest is there anything better than watching the sun gently reflect your natural glow? Get a healthy and protected spring glow (minus the heavy highlighter) with the help of a hydrating mist. 

Now spring mists are genuinely worth all of the hype that they receive. With just a few sprays, you immediately unlock instantly hydrated, revived and soothed skin, wherever you go! They are also perfect for those of you that suffer from dry skin as it boasts advanced hydration technology. 

So make sure to rev up your hydration strategies this spring by not only hydrating your body with your daily 8 glasses of water but your skin too with a rehydrating mist! 

We are currently obsessing over this All Day Mist:

Okay, we think you are ready to take on your new seasonal skincare routine and we couldn’t be more excited for you! But while we are at it, let this routine be a reminder that you are incredibly deserving of generous acts of self-care that help you feel adored, loved and naturally beautiful because you are.  

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