These are the ingredients to add to your routine for *glowing* winter skin

The cold weather is well and truly here (and has us counting down the days ‘til summer is here again).


While many people romanticise this season, winters in SA can be bleak and they can make our complexions bleak, too. Many people experience skin concerns during the chilly months, ranging from dryness to dullness to general sensitivity. Not a vibe.

But just because your skin has different needs in winter doesn’t mean that you have to overhaul your entire routine. All it takes is the addition of some extra ingredients to ensure that you retain your glow all year round. Here are the ones we recommend.


A thicker, richer moisturiser – for your face or body or both – is a winter must-have if your skin tends to dry out. One of the best ingredients to look for in a moisturiser (although it’s effective in a concentrated serum format, too) is ceramides. These are the lipids, or fatty acids, that occur naturally in the skin that keep your complexion moisturised and supple.

Many of the winter complexion concerns we experience are a result of a compromised skin barrier. Ceramides are known for their ability to restore and strengthen yours and keep it healthy so that your skin is protected from external aggressors and looks and feels its best all season long.

You need these…

Hyaluronic acid

The name might sound scary but don’t worry – this ingredient is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Hyaluronic acid is also known as nature’s moisture molecule as it can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water. When applied to your skin, it ensures that your skin retains it so it stays hydrated.


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This molecule can be used from head to toe to prevent your hair and body from becoming dry during the winter months. It is a popular ingredient in moisturisers as well as serums, which are more concentrated for maximum hydration and keeping your skin looking plump and youthful. Yes, please!

Gotta try these…

Add some oil

A lot of people are scared of using facial oil (oily-skinned peeps, we’re looking at you!). This is because it might seem like a recipe for a breakout, since excess sebum production can cause pimples. But they come in different consistencies and it’s just about using one that works for you. All skin types can benefit from this skincare product – especially in winter!

When it comes to major moisturisation, some oils are more popular than others. Marula oil, which is indigenous to South Africa, is one many people swear by, as is squalane, which mimics the natural oils found on the skin. The rest of your body and hair can also benefit from the addition of oils into your routine.

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