Yes, your skin and hair can *totally* benefit from natural beauty

natural beauty

Over the last few years, the world has woken up to the wonders of active ingredients. These include popular chemicals, such as salicylic acid, peptides and retinol. This recent uptick may have some people asking: ‘In a world of actives, is there still a place for natural beauty in my routine?’. The answer, we believe, is an emphatic yes!

Nature’s nourishment

The natural kingdom we’re surrounded by is responsible for giving us life in the form of the oxygen we breathe and the food that we eat. This is just a couple of the *many* reasons why we should love and respect it. 


Before the days of chemistry, various plants were relied on to treat physical and cosmetic ailments. Some of these ancient remedies are still popular today, such as amla oil in India to make locks lustrous or red clay in Namibia as sun protection. There are also many products on the market that harness the power of nature to create skincare and haircare that target and treat specific concerns. 

Wondering if you should go natural? Here are some of the benefits.

1. It’s better for the planet

Most of the time, things that come from the earth can go back to the earth and not cause damage in the same way harsh chemicals would. This means that when you wash your natural products down the drain and they end up in the ocean, they won’t do any harm.

2. It can be more sustainable

At Beauty on TApp, many of our natural brands our locally made. This is because the shelf-life of the ingredients in these products is shorter and are made in smaller batches intended for immediate use. Small-batch manufacturing is more sustainable than large-scale production in pollution-emitting factories. 

3. They have ancient roots

While there’s no need to cling onto to beauty products that don’t serve you purely because of their heritage, many ancient remedies are still relied on and recommended today. Black soap and castor oil for hair growth, for example, have been used in Africa for centuries.

4. They are free of chemicals

A lot of people have come to fear chemicals entering their bodies and bloodstreams, this shouldn’t hold you back from using the products that work for you. If you’d rather stay on the safe side, natural products are free of some of the harsh chemicals often found in conventional ones.

5. Many claims are legit

There have been countless tests and trials done to gauge the efficacy of natural ingredients. And while some of the outcomes have been inconclusive, some of them are legitimate! Bakuchiol, for example, is loved by many as a retinol alternative, and marula oil can reverse dry skin.

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