Your bodycare application can help you smell AH-mazing! Here’s how


Everyone loves to be told that they smell good. It’s an indication that your signature scent is doing the most. This is probably why people have been wearing scents for thousands of years – to give off an alluring aroma. 

If you’re not getting longevity out of yours, you could be applying it wrong. The old trick of spritzing the air and walking through the mist? This might give you a few hours of wear but it definitely won’t go the distance.


If you want to give your fave perfume even more projection, have it last all day or even create a custom combination, look no further than your bodycare collection. Yes, you read that right! And there are a couple of reasons for this.

Soft skin = powerful perfume

Using a body oil, body butter, moisturiser or lotion on your skin daily after bathing or showering is important. By applying them on slightly damp skin, you can lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration and healthy, happy skin. If you skip it, you run the risk of developing dry skin and your fragrance evaporating more quickly. 

Say what now?

When your skin is well-moisturised, the skin barrier is functioning as it should. Lucky you! When skin is dry and flakey, perfume has less to cling onto and, as such, it evaporates into the air more rapidly. True story! This is why a lot of people rely on the hack of adding some cream to the areas they are going to spray their scent so that it lasts all day (or all night).


Let’s talk layering

If you want your perfume to be the hero when it comes to how you smell, it’s best to pair your scent with a fragrance-free lotion. But you can also create a personalised fragrance that is unique to you by doing something called scent layering. 

This is something that people have been doing with perfumes for ages – combining one or more to wear together for a new, fresh scent. You don’t, however, need more than one fragrance when you have some scented bodycare products! You can enhance and alter the smell of your perfume by layering it with a lotion or cream you love for a special scent, crafted by you, for you. 

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